Meet Our Staff

Bill Smith


Bill Smith

General Manager

Bill has 50 years of riding motorcycles and ATV’s.

Quote from Bill:

"I worked my way through college working at the local Honda shop. I raced Hare Scrambles and rode my motorcycle to college classes every day I could."

Bill Kaglic


Bill Kaglic

Sales Manager

Bill has been riding and racing off-road vehicles his whole life. He also rides on the street. 

Quotes from Bill:

"I love the outdoors and being out there is my solstice."
"I've been in the power sports business for 30 years...and I love it"

paul ferm


Paul Ferm

Sales Associate

Paul is an avid motorcycle rider, thinks nothing of heading out for a week long ride on his bike.  Whether you are looking for a new Victory, Slingshot or ATV, Paul 4 years of experience will help you to find the right one for you.

John Thompson


John Thompson

Service Manager

John is an avid outdoorsman with over 3 years of power sports experience. His background in service and parts spans over 25 years in the automotive industry. Whatever your service needs are, John is here to help.