ATV Safety

atv safety image

It is required that ATV manufacturers must offer ATV safety training for every new purchase of a new ATV. If you have never owned a new ATV and you buy a new youth or adult ATV from any manufacturer, you are eligible for the free training. As an incentive take this course, most manufacturers provide a gift certificate upon completion of the training. Polaris and Kawasaki offer a $100 gift certificate upon completion of the class.

To take the course you must have an ATV and get it to the training site. You must be of appropriate age to take the test on the ATV that you bring to the class. No 14 year old children riding an adult ATV. Youth students, under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The parent takes the class also by observing. Classes are usually about 4 hours in length.

You must wear long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, approved helmet, goggles, gloves and over the ankle shoes or boots.

Training is provided at many sites in PA with the closest site at the Kiwanis Transfer Community Park in Transfer, PA.